This article will discuss the sunsetting of the OT-One robot and the halt of technical support for this system.

If you're unsure whether you have an OT-One or OT-2, see below for a visual comparison:



As you can see from our Products page,, we no longer carry the OT-One robot.

This decision was made in light of the OT-2 launch in mid-2018. The OT-2 is the improved reiteration of the OT-One. With more accurate pipetting, advanced control and protocol development, modules for a plethora of scientific applications, and more, the OT-2 system was developed to meet the needs of scientists that the OT-One could not.

The OT-One was our first robot to launch on the market and we have learned and grown dramatically over the years. Our software, tools, and systems have also grown. As Opentrons grew, product decisions needed to be made in order to optimize our technical services and customer success offerings. As our technology evolves, the support for outdated technology declines as the use case for this technology expires. We made the decision to officially stop supporting the OT-One in the first quarter of 2020.

To our OT-One users, we thank you for helping Opentrons become the company it is today by enabling us to provide premium products for lab automation and help put an end to manual pipetting. Without the OT-One, there would be no OT-2. It is your experimentation, feedback, and voice that have helped shape our products and will continue to shape them.

Check out our Introduction to the OT-2 to learn more about the OT-2 system and how it can automate your manual pipetting and give you back time to create and analyze your experiments.

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