This article is about the OT-One.

It's no-longer sold or actively supported by Opentrons, but we've kept this article here to help existing users. Please see our OT-2 Support articles for the most up to date information!


The CoolDeck is a hardware module that fits on the deck of your Opentrons robot. It applies cooling at 4 degrees Celsius. The Cool Deck is easy to use and requires no additional assembly!

How to use the Cool Deck

To get started with the Cool Deck, all you need to do to power it on is to plug in the power supply to both the back of the module, and a power outlet. The cool deck comes with an acrylic base plate which allows it sit on the deck.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 15 cm x 24 cm x 6.8 cm (LWH)
Dimensions of the cooling plate: 9.6 cm x 18.1 cm

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