To prevent damage during shipping, the axes of the OT-One S are secured with 6 locking bolts and 2 L brackets.

These need to be removed prior to powering on your robot. All of the hardware necessary to remove them has been provided within your accessory box.



Step 1:  Y left locking bolts 

Y right locking bolts

Use the largest allen key in your set to remove the bolts, you may leave the insert in the rail it will not affect the performance.

Step 2: OT-One S Hood will have the X axis locking bolts on the back of the robot by the cable track.

OT-One S Pro will have the locking bolts on the front, one behind the B motor and another

Step 3: Z axis locking L brackets

Use the 2nd smallest allen key in your set to loosed and slide off.

If you have any issues or further questions please contact us! support@opentrons.com

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