This article is about the OT-One.

It's no-longer sold or actively supported by Opentrons, but we've kept this article here to help existing users. Please see our OT-2 Support articles for the most up to date information!

The OT-One comes with one single-channel pipette, and the PRO and Hood models come with both a single-channel and an 8-channel pipette. Your pipette(s) will be shipped pre-mounted within your accessory box for easy installation.

Due to the differences in plunger heights between the various pipettes, the drop tip screw must be adjusted on the A and B axis of the robot when switching between pipettes.

Here are videos on how you can adjust the drop tip screws after switching pipettes. 

The first video depicts how one would adjust the drop tip to be lower then it currently is. 

The second video depicts how one would adjust the top tip screw to be higher then it currently is. 

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