Once a protocol has been uploaded, the app will prompt the you to calibrate the pipettes and labware. 

Note: Refer here for pipette and labware calibrations after you have uploaded your onboarding protocol in the next step (Protocol Designer onboarding protocol or Python API protocol onboarding tutorial). 

For every run, you must calibrate the pipettes with the tip probe process. 

Once the calibration of the pipettes is complete, 

  • If you are using the robot for the first time, you must calibrate all labware. 
  • If you are using a new protocol, previous calibration for same labware will be saved. If you are confident about previous calibrations, you can opt to skip those labware calibrations. Continue to calibrate the rest of the labware. Once all the labware has been calibrated, proceed to run screen. 
  • If you are using a protocol where all labware has previously been calibrated and you feel confident about previous calibrations, you can proceed to run screen. 
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