Through the API’s call 


you can create simple grid containers, which consist of circular wells arranged in columns and rows.

from sqlite3 import IntegrityError

    custom_container = labware.create(
    '3x6_plate',           # name of you container
    grid=(3, 6),           # specify amount of (columns, rows)
    spacing=(12, 12),      # distances (mm) between each (column, row)
    diameter=5,            # diameter (mm) of each well on the plate
    depth=10)              # depth (mm) of each well on the plate

except IntegrityError:

When you create your custom container, then it will be saved for later use under the name you’ve given it. This means you can use 


like this:

custom_container = labware.load('3x6_plate', '1')

to use the custom container you’ve created in this and any future protocol.

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