Currently there are three generations of Opentrons robots. We have just released the OT-2 version which run 2x faster than our original models.


Gantry Speeds: 

OT-2 Default speeds = {'X': 400, 'Y': 400, 'Z': 100, 'A': 100} 

OT-2 Max speeds = {'X': 600, 'Y': 400, 'Z': 125, 'A': 100} 
  • Setting the robot to maximum speed may result in compromised performance

OT-2 Command

target_speeds = {'x': 400, 'y': 400, 'z': 100, 'a': 100} 
robot.head_speed(**target_speeds, combined_speed=max(target_speeds.values()))

Units - mm/sec

Pipette Speeds: 

OT-2 Aspirate max speed = 50 mm/sec
OT-2 Aspirate default speed = 20 mm/sec
OT-2 Command: pipette.aspirate_speed = 50


How to change your robot's speed

Insert the line of script below in your preferred text editor and adjust the speeds accordingly. The text editor/IDE we recommend to users is Sublime Text which is streamlined and intuitive for our purposes.

The speed command should be placed in the beginning of your protocol. If your x & Y axis speeds are the same you can group them together as demonstrated below. 

Modify gantry speeds: 

Modify pipette speeds:

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