Currently, our Run App does not support uploading CSVs. However, you can still run protocols with CSVs by doing the following.


  1. Create a CSV either via a text editor or saving an excel sheet as a CSV
  2. Connect to your robot and copy your robot's IP address (do not include the '/' or any numerical values after it)
  3. Copy your CSVs on your computer to the robot via scp:
scp path/to/your/Sample.csv root@<Robot IP>:/path/on/robot

We recommend that you use the 'data' directory on the robot to store your CSVs. If you would like to create your own folder for CSVs on the robot, simply ssh into the robot and create a new directory before executing the scp command:

ssh root@<Robot IP>
cd ..
cd data
mkdir <Name of Directory>

Running in Our App

Once you have copied your CSV files to the robot, you can simply utilize file I/O to receive data from your CSV.
For example if your CSVs are located at data/my_csvs/Example.csv, simply write:

path = '/data/my_csvs/Example.csv'

And then view python's I/O docs to learn how to open and read data.


If you do not have the command SCP on your computer, please view instructions here.

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